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Joseph Park
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My cases 
speak best for me

Business Consulting
2016 - Present
I've spent 8 years in Business Consulting Services, focusing on remote executive mentorship and developing robust business pipelines for both startups and established firms.
Legendary Ventures
Venture Capitalist
2021 - Present
A venture capital fund accelerating value creation in consumer retail. It combines venture capital and retail expertise to select portfolio companies, optimize product development, and identify acquisitions, driving strong returns for investors.
Angel Investor
2021 - Present
Hustle Fund, led by former 500 Startups partners Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn, is an early-stage venture firm. It recently closed its third fund, securing $46.1 million.
Revcom Digital
Executive board member
2021 - Present
Engaged in an enriching and evolving role as both a shareholder and a voting board member. My connection with this telecom company is more than just financial; it's a stake in the vision and success of the organization.
Chief Operating Officer
2023 - Present
Co-host of Global Capital Network startup/investor summit. Located in Newport Beach. We host 500+ startups and over 150 invest attend like BlackRock, BlackStone, Goldman Sachs, Bridge Water, Bain Capital, Soft Bank
Advisory Board Member
VC Fundraiser
Serving in a dynamic role as both a shareholder and a voting board member, my involvement with this company is not just financial investment, I have a commitment to its vision and success.
Board advisor
Feb 2024 - Present
My role focuses on business advising, executive strategy, fundraising, and board services, aiming to uncover and capitalize on untapped market potentials to guide OLN Inc's growth in a dynamic market.
Sweet Spot Media CTO
Chief Technology Officer
Feb 2024 - Present
At Sweet Spot Media in the US, I've thrived in a dynamic hybrid role. As a vital part of this innovative media company, my expertise as a Leader, Innovator, and Strategist has been key to navigating the changing media industry landscape.
Vivid Vista
Aug 2021 - Present
As Co-Owner of in Los Angeles, we lead in innovation with software solutions and IT consulting, utilizing technologies such as React.js, MongoDB, and ChatGPT. Our focus on modern web development and exploration of blockchain and AI advances the tech industry's limits.


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